Treatment options Obesity


Have you come to Novarum to find a treatment for an eating disorder that has led to obesity? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our Amsterdam clinic is here to help people with obesity and an eating disorder. The best choice of treatment depends on the nature and severity of your eating disorder. We work with you to decide which treatment would suit you best. Novarum treats eating disorders using cognitive behaviour therapy.

The aim of our treatment plan is to:

  • build up regular eating habits
  • clearly identify why and when you overeat
  • learn how to take timely action when there is a risk of overeating
  • improve your problem-solving skills
  • learn how to recognise and deal with your emotions
  • expand your physical activities
  • improve your body image

As a result of the treatment for your eating disorder you will gain better control of your overeating, and this can lead to a reduction in body weight.

We offer a variety of treatment forms, from individual to group treatments and from short-term to long-term treatment plans. The design, duration and intensity of the treatment is always agreed with you first, after the initial conversation.


For children with serious overweight (obesity), Novarum and Arkin Jeugd & Gezin have combined their knowledge and experience to develop a specialised treatment programme. This is a personalised treatment plan which treats the parents/carers together with the child. The parents/carers are also offered a parent course in addition to the treatment.

The treatment programme is designed in accordance with the latest scientific guidelines. The treatment aims are directed towards:

  • acquiring normalised family eating habits
  • acquiring self-control techniques to deal with overeating and compulsive eating, using cognitive behaviour therapy techniques
  • improving the child’s body image
  • improving self-confidence
  • expanding physical activities

We work closely with paediatricians in Amsterdam. The diagnosis and treatment of any psychiatric co-morbidity in the child can usually take place within the treatment team of Arkin Jeugd & Gezin. If a parent has a psychiatric condition, then the family doctor is consulted to determine the best medical referral, within Arkin or elsewhere.

Children between 6 and 18

The programme centres on children aged between 6 and 18, together with their parents/carers. Either there is serious overweight and/or disturbed eating behaviour and the primary treatment steps taken through the Parent and Child Team (Ouder- en Kindteam, OKT) have had unsatisfactory results, or serious overweight is accompanied by a serious co-morbid psychiatric problem which indicates an integrated treatment approach towards the serious overweight and the psychiatric condition.


Would you like to register for treatment from Novarum – Arkin Jeugd & Gezin? Or would you like to put your child forward for this treatment? Go to the Arkin Jeugd & Gezin website. A medical referral will be required.