Treatment options ARFID

Have you come to Novarum to find a treatment for an eating disorder? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our Amsterdam clinic is here to help people with ARFID. The best choice of treatment depends on the nature and severity of your eating disorder.

We work with you to decide which eating disorder treatment would suit you best. This is an individual outpatient treatment in which you visit us at appointed times. The treatment consists of 10 sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy with exposure, after which an evaluation may recommend another 10 sessions.


Exposure is an important part of the therapy. This means that you gradually learn to get used to the food that you now avoid.

Cognitive behaviour therapy

By keeping a logbook of your eating habits, you gain insight into the mechanisms that perpetuate your eating disorder. For instance, it could be the case that your fearful thoughts about food (‘If I ate that it would be too disgusting to bear’ / ‘I can’t swallow when I eat’) are discussed and replaced by more appropriate thoughts. This is called cognitive behaviour therapy; it will help you to learn to eat the kinds of food that you are now avoiding.