About Novarum

Novarum was founded in 2003 and specialises in the treatment of adults with eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder (BED), eating disorder not otherwise specified (ED-NOS), other specified feeding or eating disorder (OSFED), avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) and obesity. The treatments are aimed principally at cure and recovery. For children and under-18s Arkin Jeugd & Gezin offers specialised treatment.

We were the first treatment centre for eating disorders in the Netherlands to adopt Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Enhanced (CBT-E) treatments. These are more effective than conventional eating disorder treatments, and the average treatment duration is shorter.

Novarum uses evidence-based care paths to direct treatment and to keep its duration to a minimum. The evidence-based ambulant treatment method CBT-E, which was developed for classic eating disorders by the British research group led by C.G. Fairburn, forms the cornerstone of this treatment. The method is used both for classic eating disorders and for obesity, and for outpatient treatments as well as clinical and part-time treatments.

The treatment interventions focus on three areas of eating disorder symptomatology in order to elicit and maintain recovery:

  1. normalising eating behaviour and working towards a healthy weight;
  2. learning self-control skills to manage food-distorted longings and urges;
  3. improving body image and self-image.

With regard to the eating disorder of obesity, Novarum employs a unique treatment protocol that aims to prevent overweight by changing the behaviour patterns that underlie over-eating. This protocol is broadly applicable to those with eating disorder-related obesity and undergoing treatment with a physiotherapist, a dietician, and/or an internist. Novarum has also gained experience with the treatment of obesity in a dual diagnosis (obesity eating disorder together with depression arising from a disturbed body image and related social avoidance behaviour).

Novarum also provides education and training (e.g. RINO GZ, RINO Psychotherapy, VU Amsterdam Psychology Faculty, RINO VGCT, NAE).

In addition, Novarum carries out treatment-linked research in the field of obesity, eating disorders, and treatment efficacy. The research focuses on three chief domains: disturbed eating behaviour, lack of self-control, and the overvaluation of appearance.

Together with the Dutch Obesity Clinic (Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek, NOK) Novarum offers the country’s largest treatment capacity for obesity. Within the Dutch mental health care service (GGZ) Novarum is the principal provider in this field.

Treatment costs

We want you to be fully informed about the cost of treatment at Novarum. Read this information carefully in order to avoid surprises later.